So what is a vulva anyway?

UK young people’s sexual health organisation Brook together with the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (BritSPAG), co-produced a new resource aimed at educating young people about genital diversity.

Titled, “So What is a Vulva Anyway?”, the online booklet was developed in response to an increasing number of young women and girls in the UK having concerns about their genital appearance and requesting female cosmetic genital surgeries.

Commenting on the launch of the booklet, Brook participation and volunteering manager  Ms Laura West said:  

All young people deserve education, support and advice about anatomy, but unfortunately there is a lack of accurate and sensitive information available as part of the school curriculum and on the internet. This new booklet will help to address this need and will inform doctors, girls, young women and their families, as to what is normal and where to seek further help and support if required.”

Dr Naomi Crouch, GP, researcher on FGCS, and chair of BritSPAG said: “We hope this resource will provide information for girls and young women that their vulva is unique and will change throughout their life, and that this is entirely normal and healthy.”

You can access the resource which is free to download here.